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    My Experience With 1st Property Lawyers

    My wife and I have recently bought a three bed semi in the Kingswood area of Bristol. Despite this not being our first area of choice it has all worked out well. We have swapped our two-up two-down rabbit warren of a house, for a home with space for our kids to grow up in and a garden.

    It was my wife who came across 1st Property Lawyers after an internet search and following the experience we’d had with a High Street solicitor a few years ago, we decided to call for a quote and give them a try. I first heard about eWay, the service where you can see your legal documents and be kept up-to-date with case developments online, whilst I was reading other people’s reviews. I really loved the idea of this and it helped me to get past any fleeting concerns I had about using a company who were not based in Bristol.

    As working parents, being able to check on the progress of our purchase after work and when the kids had gone to bed was perfect. We could easily answer any questions we needed to, and get the answers emailed back at a time that worked for us. I know our buyer was using a solicitor we’d heard of previously and her experience wasn’t great. When speaking to her, she said she felt like she was in limbo waiting on information, whereas with eWay we knew exactly what was going on.

    Since having moved into the property we’ve realised the previous owner was a little too DIY happy and some of his projects will need fixing quite soon. However, the house is structurally safe and the decor is fine for now, but most importantly, we were able to move in quicker than expected, so the children love having space and a garden to explore.