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    A conveyancing service that bridged the generational divide

    Gerry SpaltonGerry Spalton from Nottingham;

    When my father died, my mother began to worry about the up-keep of the family home she was still living in, in South Yorkshire. She is still a very capable 93 year old, but the worry over the garden and making sure the house was maintained just became too much.

    When we decided it was time to sell the property, a 1980s three-bedroom semi, my mother was really keen to use her local Solicitor, who she’d used for years but wasn’t a specialist in conveyancing. Our situation was further complicated because the property was jointly owned between my sister, myself and my mum, and we’re located hundreds of miles apart; while the new property we wanted to buy was a leasehold flat in a sheltered-living complex – again not a straightforward purchase.

    I came across 1st Property Lawyers and decided that the service they offered was just what we needed, for both the sale of the family home and the purchase of the flat. Because we could do most of the conveyancing online, it meant that I could ensure my mum and my sister were notified of what they needed to sign and when – there was no waiting for a document to arrive in the post before sending it on to my sister and then my mum – I could access everything online and felt in control of the whole process.  The fact that when identification was required we could simply upload scanned images of passports was a real bonus as the three sellers lived so far apart.

    Our conveyancer was brilliant, she kept me sane at times and was always one step ahead – pre-empting my questions and having the answers I needed to make sure my mum’s move went smoothly; even down to  questions over the ground rent and the complexities of retention fees at my mum’s new flat.

    It is true that my mother who is in her nineties doesn’t understand today’s technology, but l loved the online service provided by 1st Property Lawyers. I do my banking online and I shop online, so to me it makes perfect sense that you should be able to buy and sell a house using an online supplier – and I’m 65.

    I don’t think I’ll ever use a traditional solicitor again as my experience of 1st Property Lawyers was so good.